Solid Surface Fabrication

Acrylic surfaces are manufactured from a natural mineral refined from bauxite and blended with pure acrylic resin. They can be thermoformed into flowing curves or sculpted in to any shape or design imaginable. The options for acrylic fabrication are endless. 

The non-porous nature of acrylic forms a surface that no stain can penetrate, providing a durable bench top that is both hygienic and easy to clean making them popular for medical fit outs as well as residential kitchens. Acrylic surfaces are repairable and renewable, meaning even after years of use they can simply be re-sanded and restored back to their original condition. 

Acrylic bench tops are also seamless, meaning there are no visible joins and you can achieve the effect of a continuous bench top surface.

As well as being seamless, easy to maintain and renewable, there are a number of optional extras available when working with acrylic. Acrylic sinks can be integrated into the bench top, resulting in a surface that is all in one with no joins or crevices to clean. Acrylic bench tops can also be coved at the wall, which eliminates the need for any grout or silicone which can deteriorate over time due to contact with moisture. 

There is a wide colour range in acrylic, including bright solid colours if you are looking for something modern and different, as well as translucent products which can be backlit to bring your design to life. There are also stone lookalike options in acrylic if you like the appearance of stone but would prefer the benefits that acrylic has to offer.

We offer the following brands of acrylic:

Corian is the original solid surface material made by DuPont and can be used to create furniture, lighting and interiors for all kinds of environments. The flexibility and durability of Corian means it is still uniquely at home in the place where it began more than 40 years ago – the kitchen.

Corian offers a versatility that has secured its application in an ever-increasing range of sectors – from office environments to bars, healthcare to hotels, transportation to retail fit outs. Commercial and domestic interiors present many different challenges, both aesthetic and practical, which can be equally well met by Corian. The material’s diverse uses include countertops, bar tops, tables, splash backs, sinks, vanity tops and bowls, wall cladding, furniture, back lighted surface, shelving, signage and much more.

HI-MACS not only lives up to its reputation as the material of the newest generation in terms of its fabrication technology and material quality but, in line with its philosophy, it also champions young designers and architects just embarking on their careers. Ultimately it is they who belong to the promising “New Generation” and it is from the minds of these talented individuals, who today are still sitting in design and architecture classes, hat the breathtaking edifices of the future will emerge. HI-MACS specifically promote and challenge the stars of tomorrow and offer them the opportunity to create something extraordinary with this modern material in international Design Contests.

Since it’s entry into the Australian Market through Austaron Pty Ltd, Staron the solid surface material created by Samsung, has become a popular surfacing material for both residential and commercial projects. Given its’ durability and hygienic easy to maintain surface, Staron’s applications have included residential kitchens, laundries and bathrooms, along with commercial applications including healthcare, education facilities, entertainment venues, food and drinks hospitality, fashion stores, transport, and commercial office fit outs.


It is often overlooked with surfaces, but it’s absolutely essential for today’s Benchtop materials to be 100% hygienic, easy to clean and non-porous. Staron easily meets these criteria as an approved surface for healthcare settings, including laboratories and food preparation areas. Not only is the surface not able to be permanently stained but in conspicuous seams also offer full resistance to water damage, staining and nowhere for bacteria to form. Staron’s surface is not just resistant like most other products, but truly is 100% resistant. Customers also appreciate Staron’s long term value. In comparison to less expensive materials, Staron shows less wear and requires less frequent maintenance or replacement with its’ unique renewable surface.!/benchtops/freestyle-solid-surfaces/

Laminex® Freestyle® Curve solid surfaces help create inspirational interiors with an innovative twist. Not only is it 100% acrylic but this stunning solid surface can also be thermoformed to realise even more inventive designs with seamless joins. Its unique flexibility makes it ideal for both residential and commercial, horizontal and vertical applications including benchtops, counter tops, reception desks and commercial bars. This exceptional versatility is enhanced by outstanding durability thanks to superior stain, scratch, bacteria, and heat resistance that’s backed by a 10 year limited warranty. And its select range of contemporary decors has been specifically tailored to compliment the current Freestyle collection and be reflective of current market trends. So give your creativity more flexibility with Laminex Freestyle Curve.